The top 3 fastest animals on earth

Animals have some amazing physical attributes to them. Without having the wit of humans to get out of trouble, they have to rely on size, strength, speed and dexterity to stay alive – both in terms of catching the next meal and avoiding becoming someone else’s.

Much to the dismay of pet owners, every average cat or dog can easily outrun a human, even if the animal in question spends the majority of its time indoors. That being said, you might have wondered which animals on Earth are the fastest in the entire kingdom – here are the top 3 fastest animals on earth.

Top 3 fastest animals on earth

  • Cheetah: Their speed is legendary, so much so that their name became synonymous with blazing vehicles or fast things in general. Holding the title of the very fastest animal, the cheetah has an easy time catching or outrunning pretty much anything. While their running speed of over 60 miles an hour is scary, the cheetah’s acceleration is perhaps even more frightening – they can speed things up four times faster than humans can. Because of their quickness, cheetahs quickly assume the status of apex predator in whatever environment they’re in, preying on nearly every animal they see as a good meal. While nature blessed them with incredible speed, it didn’t match their strength – cheetahs aren’t nearly as powerful as some of their cousin wild cats, like lions or tigers.
  • Antelope: The poor antelope seems perpetually stalked by numerous feline predators, most notably lions – if you ever watched a Natural Geographic feature, you probably had to look away when an antelope failed to outrun the big bad lion going after it. The antelope’s body wasn’t built for combat, and it has very few natural defenses to fight off an incoming hungry cat. What they do have is speed – antelopes are easily one of the fastest animals on the planet even on their worst day, which is handy since running away is their only way of surviving an attack from a dangerous foe. The pronghorn antelope, in particular, is the fastest of them all – with a body clearly evolved to make way for tremendous speed, pronghorn antelopes leave most animals not named cheetah far behind them.
  • Brown hare: When you think of speed, hares probably aren’t what comes to mind. They’re very reminiscent of those cute little rabbits – bunnies are supposed to hop, aren’t they? In truth, hares are extremely fast owing to their powerful rear legs that separate them from rabbits. The brown hare can reach a running speed of nearly 50 miles per hour, allowing it to escape the majority of predators – as long as the hare is alert and the predator in question isn’t wielding a rifle, that is. Like antelopes, hares are small and have virtually no means of defending themselves against carnivorous animals, and they’re always working with a size disadvantage to boot. In the right environment, however, the hare’s size can act to its advantage, as it can bolt inside holes and crevasses that other animals can’t reach in. Because of their method of attack, large predatory birds are usually the hare’s worst nightmare.