Is chiropractic really beneficial to animals?

In our efforts to care for our pets, we will sometimes extend them just as many perks as we would to an actual person. It starts with a dog jacket for cold days, moves on to putting sunglasses on your cat for selfies… Next thing you know, your pet is eating alongside you on the kitchen table, has its own armchair for relaxation, and also eats vegan food in line with the owner’s wishes.

There’s no denying that medicine for animals is necessary – after all, their bodies are every bit as complex as ours, and are subject to pretty much the same ailments(and some additional ones). But what about chiropractic – is it really beneficial to animals, household or otherwise?

Knowing whether an animal of yours needs a chiropractor

Like humans, some animals stand to benefit from chiropractic a good deal. Taking your pet to an animal chiropractor for a checkup is always a good idea, but how much an animal can benefit from this type of care depends on several factors:

  • Which animal is it? Some animals, like cats, have extraordinarily pliable bodies that can take any contortion or posturing in stride. Others, like horses, spend much of their time in a rigidly-set position and could benefit more from chiropractic treatment.
  • Speaking of horses, animals that exert themselves a lot stand to benefit from chiropractic the most. The right chiropractor can unwind the body of an animal that helps someone with physical tasks or competes in sports, letting it deal with the long and sweaty hours under the sun better.
  • Does the animal in question have a history of bone or skeleton-related issues? These animals face the biggest risk of joint issues, and could find chiropractic care a blessing.
  • How are the animal’s current or former living conditions? If the animal in question spent a lot of time in a cramped space in the past(or still does), giving it more room to breathe won’t be enough – an animal chiropractor might be necessary to put its body back in order.
  • Has the animal been under the weather lately? Animals have no way of communicating to us that they’re feeling chronic pain. If your pet lost much of its joy and is mostly lying down with a sad look on its face, it might be dealing with some persistent pain. Should a visit to a regular veterinarian offer very little in terms of answers, it’s always worth asking for animal chiropractor’s opinion.

What to look for in an animal chiropractor

Before taking any animal to a chiropractor, it’s important to make sure that their credentials check out.

A regular chiropractor probably won’t be able to treat an animal, and could even risk injuring it. To become an animal chiropractor, a person first needs to go through several years of veterinary school before specialization. Always make sure that the chiropractor you’re taking the animal to is a certified veterinarian first and foremost – while a regular chiropractor might give you a general idea of what could be wrong, only an actual veterinarian will be able to treat the animal with its safety guaranteed.

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